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This agreement by and between Michael Cedeno (Trainer) and the undersigned client is made this day. The parties hereby agree that the following terms and conditions shall govern Trainer’s provision of personal training services to Client: 

Payment: All payments are due prior to first training session at agreed upon package and rate. The trainer maintains the right to refuse check-ins and service for overdue accounts. 

Medical: All clients should be cleared by a physician to participate in this fitness program. In the case of diabetes or thyroid issues, you should consult a physician or licensed nutritionist before engaging in the meal plan and program. 

Waiver: Client assumes all risks known to be inherent on participation in physical activity. Client is voluntarily participating in the training program and hereby waives any and all claims he/she may have against Trainer for any injury resulting from participation in said activity. 

In the case the client feels faint or pain during an activity, it is the responsibility of the client to cease the exercise. Client shall promptly notify trainer if, during the course of training, Client’s medical/physical condition or limitations should change. Activity can be changed to meet the Client’s needs or training can be placed on hold if Trainer should feel it is necessary. 

Scheduling & Check-Ins: Scheduling of workouts are at the client’s discretion. Dukes Fitness advises and strongly encourages clients to complete 1 week training sessions in a timely manner for maximum results. 

The Trainer is obliged to review workouts on no later than a bi-weekly basis. 

Cancellations: This contract is valid for minimum of six months. All payments are non- refundable. The client understands a commitment of six months is required to seek optimal results. 

Confidentiality: Clients recognize that meal plans are custom tailored by DUKES Fitness and are the property of DUKES Fitness, they are for the client only. They are not to be shared, copied, or published under any circumstances. Violations may be subject to copyright infringement. 

Media: I agree to take pictures before training, during and after trainings to record client transformations. 

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