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Tel: (814) 746-6662


4199 Main St

Building A2 (Rear)

Perry, OH 44081

  • My meal plan is a lot of food, why?"
    First, it is not a lot of food, I promise you will get leaner. Second, we aren’t eating because we’re hungry, we're eating to reach our goals. We prevent over eating by over eating.
  • Do we get cheat days?
    Most people think that after a strict week, they deserve a treat. No. Ask me after a few months of eating strict, I might just consider it. Probably not.
  • How often can I talk with you about my journey?
    I work around the clock to make sure you stick to your path. You can ask questions any time. The better we understand each other the faster your results will show.
  • I have tried judgement-free gyms before, and have felt alone. How is yours different?"
    You will be judged by friends and family. But, does their opinion supersede how important your goals are? You’re not alone this is a community of like minded people.
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